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Few Emotions Reworked


Written Expressions, LLC

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Word Count: 4,825
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Sometimes the early poetry of a young writer sink into oblivion as she slowly finds herself where she was really supposed to be, writing erotica and short fiction. Few Emotions Reworked is just that, a few old poems edited for the last time.Edited and Selected Poems from the original print book and anthology Emotions: Love Made Courageous & La Boheme: Melody of Poems.

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I’ll Set You free

A beautiful sound--I heard
nothing but faint, brief music.
I looked back to see why it faded:
A caged bird.

Once, your feathers were beautiful,
The jewel-tone colors of a rainbow.
You danced so gracefully through the air
to a ballad I will always remember.

Now, you save your breath
to give one profound whistle.
Your wings are weak and cannot rise,
Your colors jaded.

Such a beautiful sound I hear,
nothing more than precious chirping.
I look back and set him free, the bird of my dreams.
Fly away, be free.

That is how I will set you free, my love,
for love itself cannot be held.
To imprison another’s heart is futile.
Caged bird, I beg your leave.