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 I live in the sunny environs of Sydney, Australia, and share a house with my dog, Letty. Oh, and the flock of cockatoos that take over the back yard each afternoon, demanding their feed of Arnott's Milk Arrowroot Biscuits. Things get a little noisy around 3.00pm in our household.

 My love of romance started back when I was twelve and my mum's stash of Mills and Boon novels proved too much of a temptation. At fifteen, I decided the life of a romance writer was for me. Some…ah…years later, I've clawed together enough gumption to make my dream a reality.

 When not sitting in front of the computer, I can be found in the garden or enthralled watching a murder mystery DVD. I limit myself to reading other authors' work between writing my own stories. Books are my “shiny” distractions.

Q: Biggest risk taken?

A: Giving up full-time employment and selling my house to pursue becoming a writer. Sometimes in life you have to take a chance and fight for a dream.

Q: You write about alpha heroes. What characteristics do you love about them?

A: I love a man that doesn’t back down to a woman who challenges him when she’s fighting her own demons, to a bully who wants to hurt the vulnerable, or to society when it shouts that his views are politically incorrect even though those same views have women salivating in their dreams.

 An alpha hero isn’t simply a grab ‘em and kiss ‘em kind of guy. He possesses intelligence, resourcefulness and compassion. Above all, he has a sense a humor. Don’t you find it sexy when a man has the confidence to laugh at himself? He’s the guy you know you can turn to when things go bad, the man who will always have your back. He’s also the Dom who can reduce you to a sweet subbie puddle with his powerful stare. Alpha heroes? Yeah, I love ‘em.

Q: King’s Bluff, Wyoming is a town established by Aussies in the 1890’s. And the modern day heroes in your story Chloe’s Double Draw are Aussie ex-SAS Commandos. Do you plan to write more romances with an Aussie flavor?

A: Definitely! I loved introducing the “Australian” quirkiness into King’s Bluff, including the town’s history of staging an Annual Cricket Cup match, streets named after Australian cities, and Australian products being readily available. Unfortunately, the locals have proved resistant to the wonders of Vegemite, but I’m working on winning them over.

Q: Do you have a favorite fantasy?

A: Captive fantasy. Take one spirited heroine, add an alpha hero or two, and mix in some bondage and conflict. The ensuing tussles (especially the physical ones) keep me hooked. Wins hands down!

Q: Every girl should do something crazy with her friends. Do you have a memory to share?

A: I’d always wanted to get my ears pierced but was terrified of the pain. On the last weekend of a holiday in Washington State, my friend challenged me to do something special to see off my visit. Bring on the pierced ears! Several glasses of bubbly were imbibed to fortify my courage. Now, slightly, um, tipsy, and with my friend holding my hands and telling me to breathe, I ended up getting my ears pierced at this little discount jewelry shop in Seattle. I purchased a pair of tiny diamanté studs, plus a tiara, and then went crazy and also bought flower and diamanté flip flops. I proceeded to wear my new treasures as we shopped in Seattle. I soon discovered that Seattle understands that sometimes a girl needs to let her tiara shine and hey, when you smile and are happy, that can prove to be infectious to those around you.

Q: How do you research the BDSM in your stories?

A: The best way to research is to see things first hand. I’ve visited clubs and leather conventions and interviewed lifestylers. I’m thankful for their generosity of time and spirit and the friendships I’ve made along the way.

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