G. E. Stills

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I have a loving wife who puts up with my writing obsession. I lead a quiet life in Albuquerque with my wife, my dog and cat. All my pets are spoiled rotten. I blame my wife for spoiling them, but I'm sure I'm just as guilty, although I'll never admit it. I have a strong sense of humor and believe laughter is great medicine. I have two grown children and four granddaughters. I'm a former mechanic and then business owner, retired. I love to read and have been doing so as far back in my life as I can remember. I spend most of my days now in front of the keyboard typing and brainstorming, fulfilling my passion for writing. When I'm not working on one of my stories I like to go boating and camping. My stories primarily deal with paranormal romance, fantasy and science fiction with an erotic flavor, although I do sometimes write about romantic encounters with no magic or fantasy involved. Most of my characters are strong, assertive; many are outspoken. Many of them have magical abilities or they are normal people in abnormal situations, with a strong sense of justice. My villains are, well villains doing villainous things.

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