Ginger Mane

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I grew up, an only child in the small town of Hartford, N.Y., a place where you knew everyone. After I graduated high school, I completed my training to become a cosmetologist. I enjoy doing hair and have always been good at it but that profession just wasn’t in the cards for me. I have never held any VIP positions or won any bestselling awards, but I am always hopeful. I am a normal person just like you looking for that “one thing” in life that completes me. Some of my favorite things in life are listening to music because of the inspiration I get from it, being at the ocean listening to the waves, reading, writing and of course my Golden Retriever, Ben. My life has consisted of many ups and downs and has led me in different directions to meet many different people. One special person I met told me that “you are in a certain place to either teach or learn” and this is a statement that I will always keep with me.

Many years ago, I started reading romance books to escape to that world that many women long for. If not for just a few hours a day I could lose myself in that character and forget about all the stressful things in my life. In 2013, I had so many ideas running through my head that I decided to put them down on paper. I could not stop writing. It has been the most incredible and rewarding feeling, I have ever experienced. I had finally found “my niche,” that special thing that I love to do and completes me. I submitted my first book to Siren Bookstrand, they gave me the chance of a lifetime, and to them I am grateful.

Q: What's your average writing day like?

A: Well, there have been many early mornings around 4am where I have woken up with a story playing out in my mind. I grab the pad of paper and pencil that I have by the side of my bed and start writing.

By 7am, I am usually up for the day and taking my dog outside. I make sure the kids have everything they need and see them off to school. I will get some housework and laundry done, check my email and then go get my iced latte.

When I get back, I sit at my desk, which has a picture of the hot cowboy that is in my book I am working on for visual aid, of course, I review what I had written the day before and make any necessary changes. I put my headphones on and put in some mood music for the scene I am working on. My music choices range from Stevie Nicks, Rihanna and my mixed country favorites. I meditate for a few minutes to take on the feeling of my character and then start writing.

My dad will usually stop by every couple of days or so in the afternoon to visit which gives me a break. When 3pm rolls around the kids are getting off the bus. Then I am off with the same routine that many of us all know too well with; after school snacks, homework, showers, dinner and finally bedtime.

Around 9pm I sit down with my fiancé and watch a movie or some of our favorite shows. When I am ready for bed, around 10:30pm, sometimes my mind is not. My mind will start racing with thoughts about the book I am working on or ideas for a new one and I might be up until two in the morning writing. However, I wouldn’t change this for the world.

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