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Grace Jameson has lost herself in the joy of reading since childhood, once completing the entire Nancy Drew series in a summer. While she waits impatiently for Mr. Right to stop and ask for directions, Grace decided to write her own happy endings. When not writing, Grace is a part-time MSW student and a social service worker in Canada.

Q: How did you get into writing?

A: On a dare! I was having a lively chat over lunch with two coworkers about erotica romance and they dared me to try to write a story for them. You can't turn down a double-dog dare and Afire is the result.

Q: Is writing love scenes difficult?

A: It's kind of fun actually. I usually start a story by writing at least one love scene because I find it solidifies the characters' personalities and how they'd react sexually and emotionally to each other. I was in a coffee bar writing a love scene and overheard two elderly women behind me reading over my shoulder!

Q: Do you have a writing schedule?

A: Yes, whenever I have ten spare minutes! Like most women, I'm juggling a few different things so I take advantage of any spare time to jot down a scene. I'm writing my thesis right now but like writing stories better - I think my professor would be dismayed by my priorities.

Q: Have other authors helped you?

A: Absolutely. I'm a fan of several authors including two best-selling authors here at Siren (Tymber Dalton and Stormy Glenn) and would drop them a line to let them know how much I enjoyed a story. Many authors are lovely people happy to give guidance and advice to new authors. I really appreciated their help.

Q: Your heroines tend to be a bit curvier. Is that deliberate?

A: Yes. Since I'm more likely to chunky dunk than skinny dip, I frankly wanted a HEA for someone like me--after all, chunky chicks are just as worthy of true love as anyone else. Media bombards us with hurtful and harmful messages but Marilyn Monroe was said to be a size 12 and the most common clothing size is 14. I believe women should embrace their inner goddesses by wearing figure flattering clothes that emphasize their lush curves. And of course, nothing is sexier than being confident in your own skin!

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