Holly McMahan

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Holly McMahan lives in the southeast. She shares a house with her 3 cats, her roommate and a dog. Her mother was a librarian and taught her appreciation for books of all kinds. Her family is always supportive in her creative needs and education of fine arts.

She loves to paint, draw and spend time with friends and family. Lately she has been spending most of her spare time writing. Her favorite thing is to get lost in books, living her life via the characters she reads about and creates in her own work. She hopes everyone has happy endings in their lives.

Q. What made you become a writer?

A. I have always needed a creative outlet. When I was younger I took art classes in drawing. As I got older I continued with oil and acrylic painting. I always used these mediums to create characters and places I could get lost in. Now I use words and stories to create these worlds. They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It also is in the mind of the reader.


Q. How do you come up with your ideas?

A. I usually come up with my main characters first. I look for visual references for each one to find inspiration from. Then I start writing the first thoughts I have and build from there. As I write, the story begins to unfold. Most of the time I do research throughout the writing process. This allows me to develop characters’ personalities, skills and what type of environment would help them thrive. If I get stuck, then I walk away and come back to it later. I try to stay on one book at a time, but ideas are constantly going through my mind. I keep an “idea” folder for future projects. As I write I also decide if there is a potential for a series. I feel the characters let me know if there is more to tell or if it can be completed in one book. The last thing I create is the title. I want to know the entire story before I can give it a title to encompass the book.


Q. What is the hardest part of writing a book?

A. I don’t like to edit. I prefer someone else to help me with that. Plus, I sometimes get my characters mixed up. My brain moves faster than I can type and I get ahead of myself.


Q. What are the three physical attributes you find attractive in another person?

A. First physical feature is the eyes. I love eyes that sparkle. Second is a full set of lips. It gives more to kiss, suck and bite on. The third would have to be the ass. I really enjoy a nice round ass to grab hold of.


Q. What book started you love of erotic books?

A. My first erotic book was actually the Beauty series by Anne Rice. The next author would be Carol Lynn. I absolutely love her Cattle Valley books. I would actually like to live in a town that is so tolerable.


Q. If you could be something besides human what would you be and why?

A. I would probably be a cat shifter. I love cats. I would also love to see the world through another’s eyes. Plus they have nine lives so I could live a long time!


Q. Who is your favorite actor?

A. My favorite actor is Hugh Jackman. He is so incredibly sexy. Plus he can act, sing and dance. Yummy!


Q. Since you are a painter, who is your favorite painter?

My favorite painter is Jackson Pollack. His splattered paintings allow you to use your imagination when you look at it. My mood can dictate what I see along with the colors and the movements of the paintbrush. 

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