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J. Lindsay Keener grew up in the suburbs of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and graduated from Ohio University, Athens, Ohio, with a Bachelor of Science degree in journalism. “J. Lindsay” has worked in the newspaper, publishing and marketing fields and currently owns a graphics and marketing business in the Tampa Bay Florida area. Writing has always been a passion but the passion was resurrected several years ago upon winning second place in the Times-Courier Newspaper’s creative writing contest for his short story “Betsy’s Best Christmas.” Down Side Up is the author’s first erotic romance novel.



Q. Do you write under a pseudonym?

A. Well, sort of... I use my first initial, middle name and last name for my erotic romance stories.


Q. What genre/s do you write?

A. I love to write and enjoy creating short stories and poetry. I must admit though that novels give me the greatest thrill. When I was younger I never thought I could write anything longer than a short story. When I began to write my first novel, The Christian States of America, (which I co-authored with a good friend) I just couldn’t believe how much I had to say. It was like the words wouldn’t stop. It is so much fun to create characters and direct their lives on paper.


Q. Was there anything that inspired you to write?

A. I can’t really say there is any one thing. When I was in grade school I enjoyed writing parodies of famous poems, like “The Highwayman.” When I was in college at Ohio University I had a literature class with Daniel Keys who authored Flowers for Algernon. The book later became the hit movie Charly. He was a very inspirational professor.


Q. Does your family know about your writing career? 

A. Oh, yes, but the erotic romance novel was difficult for some of them to accept. I asked my oldest sister to read Downside Up when I first finished it and give me feedback. She never answered my question sheet and told me she enjoyed the story but all that sex was too much. My adult daughter, who is an attorney, refuses to read it.


Q. If so what do they say about it?

A. I have several members of my family who hate that I am writing erotic material. They’re embarrassed by it. I recently told one of my best friends who is a pastor of a conservative church and he seemed to accept it. I think most of my friends and family would rather see me write more traditional works, but they have not come right out and said so (at least to my face). I enjoy writing romance novels and will continue to do so. I think the eroticism only adds reality to the stories.


Q. Do you have any series out? What are they about? 

A. The Christian States of America is a three part series. The story is about a pastor in a small town in Tennessee who receives a revelation from God that he has been chosen to restore the United States of America to the Christian values upon which it was founded. Downside Up is my first published novel.


Q. Do you have a day job? 

A. Yes. Right now I am working as a utility cost containment consultant. I also have my own graphics and marketing business. Writing is my true passion and when I can afford to, I will devote full time to my writing career. I once read that if you find something you truly love to do and can earn a living doing that, it doesn’t seem like work. That is very true and for me that thing is writing.


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