Jess is a 27 year old mum of two. She is married to a wonderful and supportive husband and they live in Australia. Jess is a hopeless romantic who loves stories about true love that sizzle with a happy ending. She is a huge fan of M/M and M/F romance - anything with hunky men in all their glory, whether they be Shifters, Vampires, Cowboys or the boy next door. Jess believes in soul mates and happily-ever-afters. And she is a believer in love at first sight, but that sometimes people need a second or a third for the brain to catch up.

After spending too much time and money on reading, Jess finally decided to open herself up and try writing. She hopes you enjoy her work as much as she enjoyed creating it.

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Q: Why write M/M?

A: There is just something about two (or more) men coming together and finding love. An added layer that while yes, sexy, is also intriguing. I find nothing more beautiful than two men falling in love regardless of what others may think.

Q: What’s your favourite genre to write?

A: I love the paranormal because the only limit is your imagination.

Q: Do you have a process for your stories?

A: Yes and no. The yes part is when I usually get my inspiration (in the form of a person, place or comment) and then I write an outline for the story and characters. The no part comes in because I very rarely stick to my original form. I deviate so bad sometimes I look back at the plot and think “What the?”

Q: What’s the hardest part about writing?

A: Fitting it all in. Between the kids and life, trying to find that time when the muse strikes and everyone wants to cooperate can be hard.

Q: Who are some of your favourite authors?

A: There are a lot of authors I love, but if I had to narrow it down I’d say I’m a definite fan of J.R. Ward, Stormy Glenn, Joyee Flynn, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Sage Marlowe, Lynn Hagen and Stephani Hecht.

Q: If you could live in the world of any book series, which one would it be?

A: I’d totally live in the Brac Pack world. Cheating maybe, but then I’d have the rest of the spin-offs with Christian, Panahasi, Zeus etc. Living in the same town as Maverick Brac would be wicked!

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