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Kara Wills was born and raised in Montville, New Jersey. She relocated to Central Florida in 2005, where she continues to pursue her childhood dream of writing. Developing an intrigue for paranormal events at the tender age of eleven, she remains fascinated by the thin line between mythology and reality. She delights incorporating faeries, dragons, vampires and the unexplained into imaginative stories, often leading readers into an unknown time and place. 

Kara is a member of Romance Writers of America and SpacecoasT Authors of Romance. She pursues her writing career with the support of her husband, son, family and friends. 

Q: Describe a typical writing day.
A: Is there such thing as `typical' in today's world? LOL. Well, once said and done, I concentrate on effective writing when the family is sleeping. This way, my son doesn't blame me for ignoring him when I don't play LEGOS. I always carry a notebook with me to jot down notes, or I write bits and pieces on my phone during the day. There is never a dry moment in my mind, just the distractions of daytime endeavors.
Q: How many stories do you have at any given time?

A: Oh my, my. Way too many. I need a few more hours in each day to feel productive. Let's just put it like this: I have three stories I'm working on, each from a different series. I have the follow up stories all set to go, along with some random stand alone stories. Those LEGOS are looking good *smile*
Q: Why paranormal?
A: Aw, because it's so intriguing. There's nothing greater than drawing out a world that never existed before and breathing life into it. There are instances I wish some of my otherworlds existed. They are so beautiful. Oh, and paranormal characters are a playground of creation and I love letting my imagination flow.
Q: Where do you get your ideas?
A: Everywhere. There is so much inspiration in every aspect of life it's hard not to get ideas. Music is one of my greatest inspirations, and often ideas develop according to the mood of the music. If you can believe it, I wrote a book based on a tiny red stone I saw in a necklace. Dreams are a wonderful pot of ideas. Conversations, people, situations, you name it. 
Q: How real are your characters while you write them?
A: Painfully real. I can hear their voices in conversation, crystal clear. I can feel the sadness, the anger, the disgust as if I were the one suffering. When I finish a story, it breaks my heart. I feel like I just lost close family members. But, if they weren't so real to me, I wouldn't be able to make them real for my readers. That's the ultimate goal: To have my readers experience my characters as I had while writing them.
Q: What are your future plans for your writing?
A: I may never deviate from paranormal, although I like to dabble with different aspects of the paranormal genre. I think I'm in the same boat as so many writers out there. I hope to be on the New York Times bestsellers list, maybe even strike a movie deal and brings all those worlds to the big screen, lol.
Q: Do you have any advice for aspiring authors?
A: The most important thing is perseverance. If you want it bad enough, it will happen. You can never give up, never get discouraged. Dreams come true, everyday.  


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