Katy OReilly

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Hi, my name is Katy and I love to read and write romance and mystery stories with spanking as an added element. I have been fascinated with spanking since I saw a Lucille Ball show where Desi spanked her. I was fascinated but afraid to say anything about it. Then there were the movies with spanking. My favorite was Blue Hawaii with Elvis Presley. That fueled a whole lot of fantasies for me about a strong man spanking me. I thought maybe I was just a bit strange. When I discovered the Internet a few years ago my whole thought process about spanking changed. I found stories with spankings, the type of stories I had written in my head for years. I found there were really a lot of people who were "wired" the same as me. I read every story I could find about spanking. I finally told my husband about my secret desires. After a bit of discussion and trial and error we are now in a DD relationship and I have never been happier. The real life experience started me writing my own stories. I like to write about my Irish ancestors a lot and also like stories with a western flavor. I live in the Midwest and am a Human Resource Professional. I love to cook and do all kinds of creative things. My dream is to some day open my own Bed and Breakfast. I hope you enjoy my stories. Please take a moment to comment and let me know what you think.

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