Kev Henley

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Kev Henley graduated in 92, minoring in English, but he has analyzed and toyed with the language for over 25 years; he fondly remembers rushing through schoolwork so he could return to the endlessly fascinating worlds of make-believe. In recent years, Kev has acted as developmental editor for several writers, practicing what he preaches by posting several well-received experiments on both Literotica and Erotic Stories.

And now through the unique publisher, eXcessica, two novellas are available, COB and Sperm Count.

His professed goal is to weave tales that compel people to read them more than once, requiring them to do so to fully digest the implications; however, people often have trouble taking him seriously, a behavior he seems to encourage.

Is it wrong (in this context) to say, Just lie back and enjoy it?

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