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Kitt Cassidy is a new convert to the romance genre. When she was pregnant with her oldest son and her normal reading material made her cry, a friend loaned her a bodice ripper. Trying her first romance novel she found that the HEA promised by romance novels saved her from having to purchase stock in tissue companies.

Kitt is the proud wife of an Air Force Veteran and the mother of two young boys. While travelling with her husband to new and mysterious locales she developed a preference for fictional people over real ones and her urge to write was born.

Freely admitting her caffeine addiction, she spends her evenings goofing off with her family and playing with her imaginary friends while enjoying large quantities of Italian coffee.

Kitt would love to hear from you!

Find her on Facebook at, where reports on her current works in progress and random thoughts abound.

Q: Why did you decide to start writing?

I actually had tried my hand at writing horror novels in middle and high school but I never found a story that stayed with me to the end. When I started really trying to write a romance novel I couldn’t stop. The characters and the story had me and wouldn’t let me go.

Q: Do you purposefully try to make your characters funny?

No. Honestly I didn’t even realize that my main characters had a sense of humor until the book was half over. I do think that romance is and should be funny though. At the end of the day love should be funny. Beauty can fade, finding someone that you can laugh with, that’s magic.

Q: What is your favorite genre to read or write?

Honestly I love paranormals for both; I’m actually trying my hand and a new paranormal series. I love the possibility of magic and the fact that in most books there is always someone, or more than one someones that can come together and complete each other.

Q: Do you ever think you’ll write a ménage romance?

I am not against the idea of writing them and I’ve even read more than my fair share but I don’t have any plans for one at the moment. My books happen because of weird dreams that I’ve had and random thoughts in the shower. So far no more than one "idea" has popped in. You’ll be the first to know if that changes though.

Q: When you aren’t writing what are your hobbies?

Reading is my favorite hobby outside of writing. Some of my favorite authors include Bram Stoker, Jane Austin, Nora Roberts, Jayne Ann Krentz, Stephen King, and Dean Koontz. Dean Koontz is actually the reason I had to switch to romances while I was pregnant. When I’m out of books I try to put puzzles together, which for some reason are always missing pieces right out of the box. I also play video games with my husband like Halo, Mass Effect, and Dragon Age.

Q: What do you do when you hit writers block?

After I finish sulking I tend to drink lots of coffee, and curse. I’d love to say that I do something healthy and miraculous like yoga to get rid of it but that just isn’t me. If the cursing and the coffee don’t work I take a shower, for some reason washing my hair is soothing and it helps get the ideas flowing again.

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