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Kiyara Benoiti is a professional freelance writer. She resides in the mountains with her family, two dogs, and several cats whom she saved from an animal shelter. Kiyara loves to write erotic romance so hot it sets off fire alarms. When you pick up one of her books you'll find vampires to demons to lonely schoolteachers and dark, brooding men. Just be prepared for surprises. Her other favorite past times are spending time with her husband, watching paranormal movies, and browsing the net for cool and unusual books.

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Q: Do you have other animals besides your dogs and cats?

A: Not at the moment. My husband and I are currently renting a house that doesn't have enough room or a fenced in area for more than cats and dogs. I helped my dad raise horses when I was a kid, and since I think horses are beautiful, loving creatures. I hope to own several one day soon, with plenty of pasture to raise them. I'd love to own a couple of draft horses, which I find to be gentle giants, and have a sleigh pulled by them in the winter months with jingle bells on their harnesses.

Q: Kiyara, what would you say is your worst bad habit when it comes to your writing?

A: Allowing the Internet and fanmail to distract me. Before I know it, I've wasted two or three hours. Although answering fanmail is never a waste of time.

Q: What sort of jewelry, clothes, and shoes do you like?

A: If I'm at home, I find the most comfortable thing I can, such as cotton shorts and a huge tee shirt. If I'm going out, I like silver and turquoise jewelry as well as unusual gemstones. I'm all about nice-fitting jeans, and wicked-cool boots. Blouses and tops are more along the mood I'm in at the time.

Q: What is your favorite time to write?

A: One thing I hate is Daylight Savings Time. When the evenings arrive earlier and earlier, it bums me out. I love the summer months when daylight comes early and I can watch the sun come up and enjoy the birds singing of a morning. I love to write during that time.

Q: What's your pet peeve when it comes to your computer?

A: That's easy. My husband bugging me with dumb questions when he uses my computer for his hunting or work supplies; it's the only time he goes online. "Honey, how do you do spell blankety-blank?" Then minutes later I hear, "Babe, what's my email password?" Or even worse, he'll ask me where his password is for his hunting supply account where he buys all his hunting gear and stuff. I don't have an interest in hunting, so why I should know his password to that site bugs me to death!

Q: What is your biggest goal when it comes to your writing?

A: That's another easy one. I want a best seller in New York City publishing that pays to buy us some nice property in these mountains, as well as a beautiful home with my own study. My father always said that if you're going to dream, then dream big, and I do! Besides, I wouldn't mind traveling the world either!

Q: What is your idea of the perfect evening with your spouse or boyfriend?

A: Since I'm happily married, the perfect evening is no kids in the house. Then, my husband would take me to this one restaurant called Ernie's that he swears has the best food and wine in the state. We've never gone there as a couple yet because we have a two young kids and no babysitter. It's wishful thinking, but I keep hoping. Afterward, my husband swears we'd go dancing, and I am dying to have him teach me some dance steps like the jitter bug and salsa.

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