Kris Eton

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Kris is a thirty-something mom with two kids who lives far, far away from civilization, which means she has plenty of quiet nights (and days) to write. She is a movie addict, can bake a mean muffin, and loves reading historical romance - though she'd never try to write one.

For four years, she worked hard to become published and finally found success. She's currently busy writing a few other stories. Visit her website for the latest info on her writing!


Q: Which of your books is your favorite?

A: I suppose I could be nostalgic and choose my very first book which was contracted...but I think I need to dig a little deeper. There is a novella I wrote called The Opal Hunter. This was one of those books that just grabbed my attention and wouldn't let go until I'd finished it. But it was also one of those books that bounced around from publisher to publisher. Yes, I did get offered a couple of contracts on it, but I wanted a publisher who had as much enthusiasm for the story as I did. Almost 9 months after I wrote it, I finally found the right home for it.

Q: Where do your story ideas come from?

A: I'm actually a pretty down-to-earth person. I don't have 'voices' talking to me or directing my writing. I don't hear conversations in my least, not all that often! So for me, story ideas come from really mundane places. Like coming across an intriguing movie title in Netflix, or reading some 'news of the weird' story, or maybe even while watching TV. Usually by the time I get to writing the story, I can't really remember where that kernel of an idea came from in the first place.

Q: What other creative outlets do you have besides writing?

A: I love to bake. I also do love to cook, but not with the same love as baking. Cookies, muffins, pies! Every year at Christmas I try to pick at least one new cookie recipe to try out. And I can't wait for Thanksgiving so I can make a couple different pies.

Q: Boxer or briefs?

A: Boxer-briefs, of course. They give the coverage, but also give a nice view of the backside.

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