L. Shannon

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L. Shannon, the author, came into existence in 2004. Shannon has always been a reader and lover of books, but never considered writing until one night when she ran out of books to read She began writing that very night as the first line of defense in a battle against insomnia. Her writing has steadily grown into a full-out war against reality. Her friends kindly say reality never stood a chance. Shannon currently has more than twenty-five completed available works and plenty more coming soon. The L. Shannon novels have expanded to fill an entire world with paranormal wonders including Valfrn werewolves, Tascryn demons, blood-sucking vampires, sexy selkies and many, many more. Be careful if you choose to enter Shannons hunk-filled world. You may never wish to leave In the time Shannon doesnt spend writing, shes kept busy by bothering her husband, showing dogs or birds, gardening and watching over her four Butterfly Koi ponds.

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