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     Lavada lives in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. She is an avid reader, enjoying almost all genres. She takes the advice to write what you enjoy reading to heart and her goal is to write books that cross genres, taking the reader on different paths with equally enjoyable and captivating stories.

     A dreamer, Lavada has a need to create. She worked in the computer field designing and developing first mainframe applications and later web sites. The art of writing has proved to be a challenge but it gives her satisfaction beyond anything she could have dreamed. When not writing, Lavada enjoys reading, web development, and being with her husband and their very alpha Jack Russell Terrier.


Q: Tell us what a typical writing day is like for you.

A: Typical? I don't have typical days writing or otherwise. I am organized, making lists etc. but we have an open door policy so days have a way of being unstructured around here. When I first started writing, this question was always foremost on my mind and whenever I had a chance I'd ask authors when they wrote, how many hours a day etc. As you might guess, every answer was different.

What I've found works for me is to set daily and weekly goals. I have two fellow authors who I exchange goals with and it helps keep me on track.

Q: Do you plan your books or just write?

A: A little of both. I've tried the seat of your pants style and find it breaks down in about the middle of the book. I've also tried the outline, character profile, planning it out to the last degree. This didn't work for me. I finished the story in record time but it was flat. I put it back and wrote another story, then went back and edited life into it. What I do now is start with a work sheet. This is a very short process, usually a day. Then I start writing filling in the work sheet as new characters and or sub plots evolve.

Q: What genre do you write?

A: I've written two contemporary romances and one romantic suspense, and I am currently writing another suspense. I've been advised against writing multiple genres, but I'm a huge fan of Sandra Brown and Catherine Anderson and aspire to follow their footsteps.

Q: What was the first thing you ever wrote?

A: Unlike many authors I didn't start writing in school. The main deterrent was doing it over and I don't mean revising. Growing up I was a perfectionist and took it to an extreme. I would write and rewrite assignments rather then have an eraser mark. I love to tell the story. I don't particularly like the mechanics of writing. I started writing when I got my first PC. I think better at a keyboard and monitor. I was fortunate to have the first story published but then by that time it was on the eighth version of it.

Q: What do you like to read?

A: Almost everything. I love romance and find it in a lot of books that are classified as other genres. I plan to add a page of recommended reading on my web site. Hopefully I will get a following of people that have the same taste in reading and we can share.

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