Leah J. Michaels

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Leah started writing about ten years ago. At the time she was under the misguided conception she was a fantasy fiction writer. After working on that book for seven years and eventually using it to line her kitchen cabinets she took Mark Twain's advice and decided to write what she knew. She knew romance. She'd been reading them and rewriting the ones she didn't like since she'd discovered Regency in high school. So now she writes what she loves, runs after her two kids and squeaks every times her husband pinches her ass.


Q: What prompted you to write in your genre?

A: Mark Twain used to tell budding authors to write what you know. Then someone later revised that to write what you read. Those two statements kind of stuck with me. So when I found myself reading every erotic romance I could get my hands on I figured if I was going to be a writer I wanted to write stories I'd want to read, stories I'd love.

Q: When did you start writing? Was it short stories, poems, or novels?

A: I started writing about ten years ago. I dived in at the deep end and wrote a rather large fantasy fiction novel. Like I said in my bio, it's now lining my kitchen cabinets.

Q: What's your favorite book?

A: Of all time? Jane Eyre. At the moment, Knight by Kristen Ashely.

Q: Which of your character's are you most like?

A: There's a little bit of me in all of them I think. Karen is me on too much caffeine.

Q: Morning or Night?

A: Night.

Q: Tea or Coffee?

A: Espresso Shots

Q: Batman or Superman?

A: Superman for good days. Batman for good nights.

Q: France or Italy?

A: Italy, I married an Italian, besides I LOVE pasta.

Q: Dr. Pepper or Mountain Dew?

A: Diet Mountain Dew!

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