Letters From Greece

Lyrical Press, Inc.

Heat Rating: Steamy
Word Count: 70,000
0 Ratings (0.0)

They're on the run… To new lives and loves in Greece.

Best friends Kate and Min are on the run to find a new life. Greece offers Min an escape her abusive husband.

Once there, they find a crumbling home, a run-down tavern and a Greek tycoon who has a soft spot for a faded Southern belle. A younger man catches Kate's fancy and, if they can survive an-almost ex who wants his wife back, they might keep their new lives and loves in this new country.

WARNING: Snarky women with sharp tongues and soft hearts.

A Lyrical Press Contemporary Romance

Letters From Greece
0 Ratings (0.0)

Letters From Greece

Lyrical Press, Inc.

Heat Rating: Steamy
Word Count: 70,000
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Renee Rocco

Copyright 2012, Lori Green and C.L. McCullough
All rights reserved, Lyrical Press, Inc.

“What happened?” He gently touched my eye with one finger.

I’d forgotten about my eye. It was healing well and gave me no trouble. “Ran into a door.”

He nodded as if he understood and he probably did. “You getting over it okay?”

I nodded.

“Good. Wouldn’t want a door to ruin the rest of your life and you’re too pretty to be hiding from doors.”

I’d never been much of a one for flirting. I was serious and studious and back when I’d first met Patton, virgin as well. Living with Patton didn’t do a whole lot for my socialization skills.

The man standing before me was someone I wanted to flirt with, if I could only remember how. He didn’t tower over me like Patton, he was dark to Patton’s fairness and he had the face of a mischievous devil. I knew right off, this man was dangerous. I also knew I didn’t give a damn. The new Min…

“Thank you.” I stole a peek at him. “I saw you yesterday--on the boat. How’s your cow doing?”

He made a prrutt sound. “She’s not mine. But old Stefan wanted to talk of his bargaining skills. That cow is quite a coup for him.”

“Are you American?” He groaned. “Get that a lot, do you?” I smiled.

“You just don’t know. I’m a Harvard grad. Between school and my mother I can talk the talk.”

“I’m Min Hudson--well I guess it’s Bennett now.”

“Nikolas Stefenopolous, just call me Nik. What’s the Min stand for?”

I flushed. I hated my given name. I’d even thought about changing it legally, but of course, it never happened. Like a lot of other things in my life, it just never happened.

“Araminta,” I said reluctantly.

“Araminta…” He sounded like he was savoring the name on his tongue. “I like it, it suits you.”

“How can you know that? You know nothing about me.”

“Then let’s just say it suits the picture you present.”

I wore an old sundress patterned with sprigs of violets. The almost constant breeze molded the skirt against my newly shaven legs. I’d put on a filmy light jacket to protect me from the sun and a straw hat I’d seen on the big ferry, decorated with ribbons and cherries, looking completely frivolous and feminine. I had to admit he had a point. I was dressed like a woman in an impressionist painting, completely useless and looking exactly like an Araminta.

I met his eyes, so dark a brown they looked black. “That’s why I go by Min. Min sounds much more in control.” I glanced at the dovecote again. “Min’s going to whip this building into shape. There’ll be doves living here again as well as goats.” I turned back to laugh at him.

He rubbed the back of his neck. “I heard about that, Daniel is a law unto himself. So, you’re going into the dove business.”

“I don’t know that it’ll be a business, it’s just something I’d like.”

“You’ve got a taverna, why not supply the food as well as cook it?”

“Surely you jest. Kate would have a fit. She’s still not over the goat in the living room.”

“Goats do better outside,” he agreed. “It’ll be interesting to see how you two ladies get on.”

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