Lisa-Ann Carey

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Lisa-Ann Carey, author of Retrospect: An Illustrated Medical Romance Trilogy Part One. She has accumulated countless fascinating experiences, settings, friends and acquaintances to formulate an extensive treasure trove of wonderful keepsakes to draw from in designing her romances. Lisa-Ann Carey of Carey's Classic's Books Australia began writing her first series in 1998 on the shelly shores of Lamb Island in peaceful Moreton Bay, Queensland, Australia and has begun numerous other romances available in the not too distant future. Rams and Ewes spice up your dreamy love lives with a collection of her dirty-sweet romances set on luscious Lamb Island and proudly brought to you by the slipperiest sexpert in Australia, the explosive Carey's Classic's fictional storyteller Lisa-Ann Carey. Explore the trilogy - Retrospect, Lap of Luxury and Some Sleep to Remember Some Sleep to Forget between kissing and caressing the one you just cannot bear to be without, then gently ease back into a reflection of her raunchy read until you climax the night away.

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