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Liz Davis writes interracial romance novels for Siren-BookStrand. She was compelled to start writing due to her interest in romantic pairings which are not often seen in real life. Her debut story, Under His Spell, is an interracial/paranormal novel.

When Liz isn’t writing she enjoys listening to music, watching independent films, reading and painting. She is currently at work on her second book and lives in Southern California.

Q: What is your writing schedule like?

A: I usually spend the earlier morning and afternoon studying and attending classes. Then once evening rolls around, I spend five or six hours writing. I find that I tend to write the best during nighttime hours, so I usually sit down to write around 6 pm, and don’t stop until 11pm or midnight. If I really have a good flow going, I sometimes stay up until 2 am.


Q: How long does it take you to write a book?

A: That depends on how long the story is, but my first book, Under His Spell took about four months to write. The book I am currently working on has taken about three months so far, and I am nearly finished writing it. So basically the factors which determine how long it takes me to complete a book depend upon my current schedule and the free time that I have during that particular stage in my life.


Q: What method do you use while writing? Do you revise and edit the story as you write it, or doyou just get the story written and then revise once the manuscript has been completed?

A: I like to revise and edit while I’m in the process of writing the story, that way I can catch issues as they pop up and make the necessary changes. I find this method works best for me. I often find that I need to reword things or make certain changes, and it’s easier to do that as I go along. If I waited until my manuscript was completed, it would be a lot more work for me and would make it seem like a daunting task. But even though I revise as I write the story, I still go over the entire story once it’s written, and edit and make even more revisions until I am completely satisfied with the end product.


Q: What prompted you to begin writing your first book?

A: I was inspired to write my first interracial romance story due to a real life experience that I had. My first book, Under His Spell, is largely fictional, but there are some bits and pieces of real life experiences weaved throughout. I also decided to write due to the lack of books featuring the American Indian Male/Black Female pairing. I realize there are other authors who have featured this pairing, but it is still not something that you see written about very often. 


Q: Do you work with an outline, or just write?

A: I start out with a very general idea of what I want to write, then I begin outlining and writing down the setting, characters and a very loose thought about what type of story I want to tell. I prefer not to do too much planning or thinking ahead of time, because I find that this tends to somewhat stifle my creativity. So instead I just start to write, and as the story progresses, I find that the characters I create begin talking to me. They basically guide me in the direction of where the story will go, as well as give me a good idea of what the general tone of the book will be.

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