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Liza Curtis Black has been writing fiction in various forms for many years until she discovered romantic erotica. Realizing she was addicted, she decided to attempt to write what she was reading and enjoying everyday. Lo and behold, Siren BookStrand loved her work as much as she delighted in writing it!

Liza lives in Midwestern suburbia where she cares for her astoundingly bright and witty husband, her two beautiful and gifted children and their noble and devoted pets. Her days are spent catering to lawyers and her nights are spent in lively discussion with her favorite editors, her sisters. 

Q: How did you come up with the idea of a female bounty hunter for the Endland Chronicles?
A: Generally, I can't build a character until I have a name. Keer's name came to me as I was thinking about writing sci-fi. Keer was a strong female heroine who took over and wrote the first chapter herself.

Q: Why science fiction erotica?
A: You know, if you'd told me ten years ago that sci-fi was how I would finally get published, I would have laughed long and hard! But I am a fan of sci-fi. There are no 'rules' about time and place or what is possible. And I got a lot of pleasure out of creating neat gizmo's for Keer to use.
Q: What's on your bedside reading table right now?
A: Well, my husband makes me clean it off once in a while because the books start to fall over, but most recently, the latest J. R. Ward, who I think writes the perfect alpha male. I nearly always have Sarah McCarty, Lisa Marie Rice, and on my laptop Samantha Cruise and Lara Santiago. There is always a copy of Jane Eyre, which I know almost by heart, dear reader!
Q: Do you write everyday?
A: No, I'm ashamed to say I don't. I fall in the category of 'binge' writer. I'll write like a demon for a week and then stop and mull things over. I do tend to think about my characters everyday and what they should be doing and why.
Q: What inspires you to write?
A: Nothing will make a vain writer sit down at a keyboard faster than reading something truly bad. I find myself thinking that "I" want to read something better than whatever it was I bought by mistake. 

Q: Do your heroes represent someone in real life?
A: Oh, I'd love to say I'd met a seven foot warrior with legs the size of tree trunks, but unfortunately, no. I will say that Cian, in the Endland Chronicles, is slightly reminiscent of my husband when he scowls.  Gotta love those strong male types!
Q: How hard is it to write a love scene?
A: I think if I were younger it might be very difficult, but as I've aged (like fine wine!), it has become easier, mostly because I feel like you should be able to read or write ANYTHING you want. If you are asking if it makes me squirm to write a hot encounter, then yes. I have been known to get up and take a little walk to calm down.
Q: Did you do any research before writing your book?
A: For sci-fi erotica, it was more a matter of using 'terms.' I finally read some old science fiction movie scripts to give me ideas for what to call things, for example what Keer wears in Salvation For Three. (A skin suit is the answer.)
Q: Will you go back to the Endlands?
A: Oh yes, I'm already there! Or at least on a prison ship orbiting the Endlands. It's going to be a great hot adventure!

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