A time of love. A time of miracles.

A time when children visit Santa and dreams really do come true.

A time when they can come true for adults, too

If only they will believe.

Sleigh bellsjingle bellssilver bells.

Love and Silver Bells what a magical combination.


Love And Silver Bells
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I really enjoyed this heart-warming anthology. The four stories are different enough to keep you interested but all have their happy endings. The characters are heart wrenchingly human and hurting and simply looking for a little bit of peace on earth. Luckily they all eventually find it, although not without some strife. But we always appreciate the gifts we receive when we have to work a little harder to keep them.


I recommend these warm holiday tales be read by the light of a well-lit tree, with a lovely fire in the fireplace and a nice cup of hot cocoa. All will warm your through and through.

Angi, Night Owl Romances


LOVE AND SILVER BELLS is a contemporary romance anthology to be enjoyed at any season not just at Christmas time. It gives the reader hope for "bruised and confused hearts" and for love-hungry bodies and souls. The stories in this book bring joy!


Voted Best Book of the Week!

Camellia, Long and Short Reviews

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"Act II, Scene 1" is a second chance story. Act I of Leah's life ended sadly as did Dalton Bream's. Leah, a medical transcriber and one-time actress, meets Dalton, a renovation architect, at the community theater as rehearsals for "A Christmas Carol" are in progress.

"A Commander Under the Tree" by Billie Warren Chai is about two mature people who have experienced traumatic emotional upheavals. But each of them recognizes a special connection when they meet. Neither Commander Eric Scott nor engineer Fiona Ross expect to find someone with whom they want to make a permanent commitment.

"A Home for Christmas" by Diane Davis White brings Jud Brown, a rancher, and Olivia Strong, a feed storeowner, together first as adversaries. Hardworking Olivia struggles to take care of her three little brothers, Adam, Cabel, and Hunter with diminishing funds while Jud struggles to keep the family ranch operating in the black while taking care of his grandfather who has Alzheimer's.

"A Soldier's Heart" by Rebecca Andrews is full of intrigue and action. Lt. Priscilla Ashby, a decorated pilot and sniper, who suffers with Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome, is assigned to protect Gov. Mason Taggart, the son of U.S. President. Mason is in grave danger until a leak in the inner circle can be found and eliminated.

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