Love is Everything - One

New Dawning International Bookfair

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 50,000
0 Ratings (0.0)

Volume 1 contains Groovin' 'n Waikiki and Blind Date

After winning an all expenses paid Hawaiian vacation for two from a local radio station, Jessica and her younger sister, Gloria, head to Honolulu with high expectations. Gloria, a showroom dancer in Las Vegas hotel, also meets a man, Kino, a Hawaiian hunk, who is renowned for his lothario like exploits. Just when she's resolved to sharing his company as a summer vacation romance only, she discovers they have something compelling in common.

Women's fashion entrepreneur, Keli Michaels's mundane life is about turn topsy turvy. It all starts when her business partner and best friend, Tya, arranges a blind date with her cousin, but fails to tell Keli about it until two hours before their dinner reservations. Despite Keli's well founded annoyance, Ty convinces her to at least go out with him.

But when he arrives, Keli discovers something else her duplicitous friend failed to tell her. She is shocked to find out Ty's favorite cousin, Phillip (Trevor) Gordon, has long blond hair, beautiful baby blues and is cuter than hell.

Love is Everything - One
0 Ratings (0.0)

Love is Everything - One

New Dawning International Bookfair

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 50,000
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Dee Dawning

GROOVIN Excerpt:
Hurriedly, she stripped and casually walked into the shower. "I hope it's all right. I changed my mind." She squished her nose as she pretended to smell her armpits. "I smell a little ripe."

He didn't say a word, scanning her body for the longest time. She smiled through squinting, knowing eyes. "I don't suppose I can borrow the soap?"

"You are beautiful."

"Yeah, well, I'm digging what I'm seeing, too, Kino. The soap?"

He looked at his hand that held the bar of soap. "Oof. Sorry." He threw the soap and she caught it.

"Thanks, this water is kind of cold. Is yours?"

"No, let me feel yours." He came over and she nearly jumped in the air as his beautiful cock brushed her thigh while running a hand under the water. "It is cold. Ahh, this knob was turned down. How's that?"

"Much better, but I'm still cold. Do you think you could join me under the water and hold me?"

He stepped into the stream of water and embraced her, wrapping his muscular arms around her. He kissed her ear just under her curly ringlets. She gasped as she felt his hard weapon jabbing her in the back. She turned and kissed him back passionately.

"Ooh." He sighed as she began stroking him, using the soap bar as a lubricant. Through repetitive groans, she whispered in his ear, "I need to make sure this is nice and clean since I plan on taking it into my mouth."

"If ever a couple seemed ripe for romance, they were it." He stopped and grinned. "Of course that was before I met you. Can you feel the electricity between us?"

She could. She also felt heat rush through her from his intense almost intimate stare. Not used to his blues eyes yet, she had trouble reading his emotions, but she knew desire when she saw it and she knew it when she felt it. "I think I'd like you to kiss me."

His grin retracted and his brows dipped. "Gladly."

Leaning in, her lips parted in expectation while she gazed at him through long, blinking lashes. Between her lips, his tongue passed and probed the soft, slippery cushions and hard enamel of her mouth. Blatant desire, overtook her as her tongue danced with his, tasting, exploring, reveling in excitement his tongue promised. Currents of heat coursed up, down and across her body, ending in her place of need. She sighed when her mind pictured Trevor, sitting on her bed, while she stood in front of him, letting him free her from her garments

She gasped when, as if willing it, his hand slipped under her robe and fondled her breast, tickling and teasing her erect protruding nipple. Her heart beat so fast and with such pressure, she could feel her crimson life fluids pulsing in her neck and ears.

The heat within her continued to grow, until she became so hot, she thought she might pass out. She jerked away from his kiss. "Wait! I'm too hot." When Trev backed away, she undid the robe's belt and pulled the offending garment from her shoulders. She stood and he helped her remove the unwanted item.

She sensed admiration in his eyes from his gaze, which appraised every inch of her body. "I knew you would be beautiful in that gown."

She reached down, grabbed a hand and jerked on it until he stood in front of her. Her hands laid flat upon his chest as he grasped her hips.

"Oh yes. I feel it." She said in a slow, deep, sultry voice she hardly recognized.

He frowned. "What?"

"The electricity…between us," she mouthed, breathily barely verbalizing her need, "Please don't think poorly of me, but I'm ready to take our relationship to the bedroom,"

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