Man's best friend has always been said to be his dog. Women know differently . . . there is nothing more dear to a man‛s heart than the roar of the true beast of the jungle. . . his Harley. Makes it hard for a woman to compete. Some ladies find if you can‛t beat them, then join them and teach the lads a trick or two.

The roaring thunder of powerful enginesand emotions!

Come along for the ride of your life...if you dare!

(Authors - Rebecca Andrews, Deborah MacGillivray, Billie Warren Chai, Diane Davis White, Deb Farr and Patricia Frank)

Love On A Harley
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Love on a Harley, is an amazing romantic anthology featuring six amazing stories by six very talented ladies. Each story was heartwarming, tear jerking, and so perfect. I got tied to each one wanting them to continue on forever. Lost love, rekindling love, and learning to love are all expressed within these pages beautifully. I couldn't ask for a better romance anthology, each author brings that sensual, longing sort of love that every woman dreams of. Great job ladies! 

Crystal, Crystal Reviews


Anthologies are wonderful things . . . it's always a plus to get more than one story in a book, especially when they're good stories. The six talented women who wrote the stories that make up Love on a Harley should be proud of themselves. The writing styles were similar enough that the stories flowed from one to another. The characters were easy to like and the stories wee interesting. What could possibly be better than six hunky alpha men and their Harley motorcycles?

As a woman who has enjoyed the occasional ride on one of man's greatest inventions, I can say that the women did a good job describing the feel of riding on the impressive machines. Each of the men had that 'bad boy' feel, but hid a good heart. The women were strong, yet pining for the love of a good man. I can honestly say that I would recommend this book hands down to anyone who enjoys alpha males.

Vervain, The Long and Short Reviews

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The roaring thunder of powerful enginesand emotions!

Come along for the ride of your life

. . .

if you dare!

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