Love Under the Mistletoe

Highland Press Publishing

Heat Rating: Sensual
Word Count: 80,469
0 Ratings (0.0)

6 stories of the holiday season sure to please.


Participating Authors: Deborah MacGillivray, Leanne Burroughs, Amy Blizzard, Gerri Bowen, Billie Warren Chai, Judith Leigh

Love Under the Mistletoe
0 Ratings (0.0)

Love Under the Mistletoe

Highland Press Publishing

Heat Rating: Sensual
Word Count: 80,469
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Forever Love by Leanne Burroughs

Jessica Ashbury has lived a life of luxury, so moving out West will be an adventure. Meeting Henry Morrison Beaumont, known to his friends as Hank, was certainly not part of her plans. Since they partners in the hotel and salon, they need to spend a lot of time together. Jessica is not sure what to do with her feelings about Hank and as for Hank, he is twisted in knots and cannot see himself in a relationship.

Ms. Burroughs took the world of the 1800s and brought it to life again. Jessica and Hank have to deal with real issues. Sparks fly between them. Can they let themselves go?

It Must Have Been the Mistletoe by Judith Leigh

Kacey Michaels has never taken a risk in her whole life. Now she is not only leaving her home, but also moving to an entirely different state. With the help of a local woman, she is able to find a job. Yet, something is still missing in her life. Is her boss in Mistletoe, Nick Klaus the answer?

Ms. Leigh is able to make her characters seem to jump off the pages. I hoped Kacey would get through all her issues. She needs to find contentment in her life. I completely fell in love with this story.

Gingerbread and Mistletoe by Amy Blizzard

Matt Watson is stuck. His business partner, Bethany is off getting married leaving him with no help with the Gingerbread House competition. On a whim, he asks his neighbor, Riley Callahan to help him since she is artistic. Will it be something Matt regrets?

Ms. Blizzard writes a charming story that will sweep you off your feet. Riley and Matt have a difficult time seeing eye-to-eye. Will they find there is more than they imagined.

Calling Hailey's Bluff by Billie Warren Chai

Hailey James can no longer hide her pregnancy, but she refuses to name the father. She wants to go back home and keep everything a secret. Lt. Col. Todd Coopersmith thinks the child is his but cannot prove it. Will the truth ever be revealed?

Ms. Chai creates wonderful conflict that must be resolved. Hailey and Todd are both stubborn people. I kept hoping that they would swallow their pride and see what they could have with each other.

A Chorus Singing Love by Gerri Bowen

Melody had always known she was supposed to be with Trevor Wilde. But an event that happened ten years ago has kept them apart. Now Melody has a second chance but Trevor will not let her near him. Will she finally be able to tell him the truth?

Ms. Bowen amazes me with her way with words. I could not stop reading to find out would happen between Melody and Trevor. I needed to know the secret.

A Very Special Man by Deborah MacGillivray

Simon could not remember how he ended up stuck in cat form. He only wishes to be human again because he wants to be with Dezzy. Desdemona just might be the one to save him. She has no idea that there is more to him.

Ms. MacGillivray creates a fantasy world that I could not get enough of. I am impressed with the background of the characters. There is so much more than I could imagine.

All six stories are full of passion and wishes. All the authors found a way to fit magic in perfectly. I definitely want to check out more books by these authors. I am sure things can only get better.

Krista, Coffee Time Romance


Looking for a Christmas anthology that can infuse the holiday season into your life year round? LOVE UNDER THE MISTLETOE is one book that can fill that need.

LOVE UNDER THE MISTLETOE is a fun anthology that infuses the beauty of the season with fun characters and unforgettable situations. This is one of those books that you can read year round and still derive great pleasure from each of the charming stories.

Chrissy Dionne, Romance Junkies


LOVE UNDER THE MISTLETOE is a fun anthology that infuses the beauty of the season with fun characters and unforgettable situations. This is one of those books that you can read year round and still derive great pleasure from each of the charming stories.

Miss the season of joy, the gift-giving wonder-time when magic seems real and you just know your dreams can come true? Can't wait until December to relive the magic? Never fear, this delightful collection of short stories with a Christmas theme will be just the thing to tide you through. Ranging in genres from contemporary through historical to paranormal, there is a hero for every girl in this anthology. The heroines are women we can identify with, dealing with everyday challenges - though also some extraordinary ones in some of the tales.

Eglantine, Long and Short Reviews


Past or present, mortal or not, the end of the year holidays always seems to be filled with magic. Even though I received this book in January, I could not help but smile. It does not have to be November or December for me to enjoy an anthology set during the Christmas season. Since I am sure others feel as I do, I urge them to pick up this gem. Hopefully that means you too! Each story is well written, with a strong story line and romance aplenty. Only one or two of the stories have a love scene and they are tastefully done. I honestly could not find fault with any of these tales. Each one is worth five stars. I find that rare in an anthology and is the main reason I urge Romance fans to pick up a copy of this book. You will not be disappointed one bit.

Detra Fitch, Huntress Reviews

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FOREVER LOVE by Leanne Burroughs

Hank Beaumont can't help his attraction to the lovely young woman he rescues after her stagecoach is robbed and the men aboard murdered. He assumes that Jessica had been traveling with her husband, a man to whom Hank had agreed to sell his hotel.

Hank is no stranger to the harsh realities of the West. He doesn't believe that Jessica will really stay but that doesn't stop him from constantly hoping she will. Will he be able to resist her allure and how will he feel when he learns that she isn't a widow after all?

Leanne Burroughs brings this story to life on so many levels and gives readers a true sense of pleasure in the fortitude of the characters. I loved being privy to Hank and Jessica's frustration with each other and the underlying sexual tension, but also adored the impact that the secondary characters have throughout this story.


Kacey Michaels's ex-husband's callous attitude has her making a radical decision. After viewing a travel magazine she packs up and moves to Mistletoe, Tennessee, hoping for a new lease on life.

Once in Mistletoe, Kacey takes a delightful job at a toy store working for Nick Klaus. It's just too perfect and after meeting Nick and his children she's convinced that this is exactly where she wants to be, but can she learn to trust her heart and believe that magic and dreams truly can come true - even for her?

What a delightfully fun tale. Judith Leigh brings a great deal of sensitivity into this storyline and really captures Kacey's emotional upheaval over her inability to have children - fortunately Nick has lots of kids and he'd be more than happy to share.


Matt Watson's dreams of winning the annual gingerbread house contest have just met with disaster. His only hope of being able to enter and win lie in the hands of his eternally optimistic artist neighbor.

Matt has a purely practical outlook on the whole project, while Riley sees the beauty behind of it and relishes the challenge. Through her Matt will begin to see the world through less cynical eyes and even view Christmas as a magical time - especially when he's got such a warmhearted giving woman at his side.

Amy Blizzard won me over with this charming tale. There's no doubt Matt is a scrooge but Riley is free spirited and lighthearted enough for both of them. I loved the mixture of seriousness and joy throughout this tale and found myself crossing my fingers as I waited for the outcome of the competition.

CALLING HAILEY'S BLUFF by Billie Warren Chai

Hailey is determined to fix the problem with the lunar rover and leave Houston before Lt. Col. Todd Coppersmith returns from Cape Canaveral. She's a professional poker player and while she's still in love with Todd, she doesn't want him knowing that she's carrying his child because trapping him is the last thing she wants to do.

Todd returns to Houston earlier than expected. Previously unaware of Hailey's pregnancy he's convinced that she's lying about the due date and believes that baby is his... it's just a matter of CALLING HAILEY'S BLUFF.

Billie Warren Chai makes the battle between Hailey and Todd humorous while at the same time poignantly sweet. Hailey's poker face comes into play more than once but Todd doesn't give up easily.


Melody's been invited to spend the Christmas holiday with Spode Hall - which means that she'd be spending a great deal of time in Trevor's presence. She knows that he still hasn't forgiven her for the Unfortunate Incident, which ultimately resulted in the loss of his concentration and his leg during battle.

Melody's been in love with Trevor for many years and she's determined to pursue him. If she fails to snag him then her brother intends to marry her off to a match he has in mind. Melody's whole future is riding on her ability to make Trevor see reason before the holiday is over.

Gerri Bowen infuses a great deal of humor into this charming tale filled with determined characters, witty dialogue and a very curious reference to a Unfortunate Incident, which has the reader wondering what could have possibly been so bad to have Trevor furious with Melody for years?

A VERY SPECIAL MAN by Deborah MacGillivray

Simon is much more than Dezzy's very large cat, he's a man who's been in the feline form so long that he's forgotten what it's like to be human or what he has to do to reverse the cause of his infliction. To complicate matters, he's in love with his 'owner.'

Dezzy's lonely and while she loves Simon, he's a cat and doesn't stop her from longing for a man in her life. Simon's determined to be the one to fulfill Dezzy's wishes - all she has to do is make her wish and then kiss his nose but how can he convey this to her... and more importantly how is she going to react when her beloved cat disappears and the man of her dreams takes his place?

Deborah MacGillivray brings this humorous story to life by telling it through Simon's eyes. You get a cat's eye view of people, TV, cat toys and human food all while he wins you over with his feelings for Dezzy. This is a story that is sure to win readers hearts and have you viewing cat products in a whole new light.

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