Lynne St. James

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    Lynne St. James has always been a voracious reader, and dreamed of becoming a published author. Her dream came true when her first book, Twice Bitten Not Shy, was published in 2012.

    When Ms. St. James is not working, she's writing paranormal romances or urban fantasy stories, and keeping her family of three cats and two dogs from tearing up her house. She has three grown children who also help to keep her life entertaining.

    The hardest thing for Ms. St. James is to pick which story to write next. With so many ideas she usually has several stories plotted out and in various stages of completion at any given time. If you ask how she decides which one to write, she'll tell you that she writes the one whose characters pester her the most.

    You can find Ms. St. James on Twitter and on Facebook. She loves hearing from her readers.

Q: In your bio you say you’ve always wanted to be published. Have you always wanted to write romance?

A: Actually I have story ideas for different genres floating around in my “Work in Progress” folder. I hope to get to tell some of these stories eventually. Not all of them will be full romances, but all will have romance in them. I fell in love with romance when my mom gave me my first Barbara Cartland romance in 8th grade. After that I started writing mostly happily-ever-after stories.

Q: Do you have a “ritual” for when you are writing?

A: Actually, yes I do. I put on music, depending on the type of scene I’m writing. It could be Counting Crows to Mozart. And the second part is that I eat wasabi peas. They give me that little burn that keeps me going, I guess.

Q: What has been the hardest obstacle to overcome in your writing?

A: I would have to say fear. I have written for years. I completed my first book in 1995. I started many others but when I would get close to the end I would get “distracted” by something, anything. I had to conquer my fear of rejection. I did that with the help of a great bunch of writers who are part of my local RWA chapter.

Q: What is your favorite part of being an author?

A: To finally be able to share my stories with others. After all, isn’t that what it is all about?

Q: Do you have any advice for others who have the same dream as you?

A: Don’t give up! Seriously, you’ll want to, you’ll tell yourself you’re not good enough or a thousand other things. But it’s not true. If you truly want to write and be published, don’t give up. Find some friends or a writer’s group you can join to give you support. But don’t let the fear psych you out. 

Q: What’s next for you?

A: I’m working on the next stories in the Vampire of Eternity series. So many vampires, so little time! After that I have another series that is begging to be written. 

Q: How do you get your ideas?

A: Actually I get a lot of them from dreams. I have the weirdest and most amazing dreams. I’ve gotten up in the middle of the night and written them down so I don’t forget them. Sometimes, I’ll hear something in a newscast or see something in my surroundings and my brain starts percolating, and then it goes from there. I have to admit that my characters do “talk” to me. I’ve started writing and found the story ends up in a completely different direction after several chapters. 

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