M. Shalimar

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M. Shalimar fell in love with, and became addicted to, erotica as a young adult when she chanced upon her father=s cache of Victorian underground classics. Curiosity overcame propriety, and it wasn=t long before she had read every one of the secreted books in her father=s collection. Of course, she never let him know she had discovered his secret, but after that, she went on to collect her own stash of erotica. Her personal favorites are A Man With a Maid (Anon) and the ABeauty@ trilogy by A.N. Roquelaure, a.k.a. Anne Rice.

Today, M. lives with her very own Prince Charming on a large tract of land in the Central Texas Hill Country, where they have created and maintain a small wildlife refuge. M. also loves gardening, art, reading sci-fi and collecting fairy and angel bric-a-brac. The AShirr-ha=s Empire@ series is Shalimar=s first published erotica, though she has written many other stories for her love and her to enjoy together in private moments.

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