Maren Smith

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Hi, I'm Maren. I'm 30, married to a wonderful, dominant man, and have five four-legged children: two dogs and three cats. I have been interested in spanking since I was seven, but I didn't actually start writing until I was fifteen and got asked that famous question: what do you want to be when you grow up? I said an author, because they got to stay home all day, eat chocolates, and never had to do any actual work. Except for the occasional school essay, I'd never tried writing before, but I was a prolific reader and felt that I could do an adequate job. So I sat down, cracked my knuckles and hammered out my very first story, which I then promptly hid under my mattress because it had--gasp! oh horror of horrors!--spanking in it. Lots of spanking. But it was a serious turn-on, so I thought I was strange. I love strong, authoritative men--men who are both ready and willing to leave the lady of their choosing red-bottomed and weeping and for her own good. Writing has given me the wonderful freedom to explore my spanking side without feeling 'weird.' Even better, with the invention of the Internet, I can write what I love and know it will be appreciated by people with the same interests. I might still be strange, but at least I'm in good company. I enjoy hearing from my readers, so feel free to contact me. Huggs, Maren

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