Mark Jackman

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Mark Jackman started life as a normal boy, just like any other. Things went wrong when he decided to take on the life of a scientist. The chemicals that he ingested, throughout his career, and the accidental stabbing of a syringe full of drugs into his chest caused his DNA to alter to that of a mutant. Unfortunately for Mark, the mutation was not the cool kind where he developed superhuman strength, or the ability to get a woman to sleep with him. Oh no, his DNA was altered so that his imagination became warped beyond comprehension (it was either that, or his childhood trip to the Neverland Ranch). Mark decided to plough his (legally)chemical-enhanced head into the writings of a novel and the Great Right Hope was born. Now he looks to write more books and try to rid the demons from inside his mind and hopefully get out of chemistry..., and syringes in the chest really, really hurt.

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