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Meagan lives in South Central Texas with her Husband, their pre-school-aged son, two cats, and one dog. By day you can find her at a local furniture corporate office working administrative miracles. At night, she struggles to balance her needs of spending time with her son, her husband, and reading, before falling into bed, exhausted before the early news even comes on. Meagan's writing is a fairly new facet of her life, as she only recently decided to actively pursue the dream she’s had since childhood.

Meagan's first foray into writing was a Twilight fan fiction initially based on a popular country song. The feedback she received in that forum convinced her to try her hand at original ideas. Not long after, a vivid dream introduced her to Mitch, and he just wouldn’t leave her mind. With her husband’s support, she sat down and out poured Master Me. Mistress of Miracles came just as quickly. With two of the intended trilogy completed, she began considering potential publishers. She decided to try Siren first because she loves the stories she’s gotten from them. The day the email came with Siren’s offer to publish Master Me is a day she will never forget.

Personal interests include Nascar, Spurs basketball, Dallas Cowboys, Food Network Challenges, and reading, especially paranormal romance and ménages.

Q: Where do you come up with your ideas for stories?

A: With Master Me, I dreamt of kissing my way up Mitch’s chest. I couldn’t get him off my mind and he became a focal point for daydreams. Soon, those daydreams developed a consistency in the plot and action. After that, it was fairly simple to sit down and put it into words.


Q: What made you decide to write Paranormal Romance?

A: I love the genre. I think everyone, at some level, wishes they had some special ability, something different from everyone around them. I also enjoy stories with strong women, women who reach down within themselves and resolve the conflict without having to be rescued by the white knight, even if said knight is ready, willing, and able to help.


Q: The scenes of physical intimacy are pretty erotic. Why did you make them so carnal?

A: I write what I want to read. I enjoy the more sensual love scenes, where the detail is so vivid that I can feel the hero’s hands on my skin and smell the scent of aroused male on the air. Plus, my husband loves that it excites me, since he’s getting to enjoy the results. Many people look for things to spice up their love lives, and this is one of the ways I’ve chosen to spice up mine.


Q: Was it difficult to write the sex scenes?

A: Actually, yes it was difficult for me at first. The erotic scenes are actually fairly representative of my own sexual fantasies. For the longest time, I didn’t think I could come up with an erotic experience on paper. But once I finally got started, it flowed fairly easily. It can be difficult because my brain is ready to move on to the next phase in the action before my fingers have gotten everything down for the current one. That takes some patience and frustration, and several edits to get it all down, but in the end, its completely worth it.


Q: Do you read your own stories after you’re done?

A: Absolutely. I enjoy reading the stories I’ve written. I do have times where I come across something that I might have wanted to change, but I try to just enjoy the story and visiting the characters that took over my mind for an extended period of time. I am currently working on ShadowMaster, the third in the Masterson trilogy, so I haven’t had to completely say goodbye to Mitch, Miranda, Libby, and Alex yet, but I know that I will come back to visit them when I’m done.


Q: How often do you get to write?

A: Not nearly enough. The best opportunities I have are on Saturdays when my mother has my son. When I finally have the opportunity and energy, I focus in tightly and write for several hours at a time, typically until my husband is finally able to get my attention to make me realize what time it is.


Q: Do you know what you want to write about when you’re done with Shadow Master?

A: Yes, I’ve got a couple of ideas I want to explore, though they’re not paranormals. I can say with certainty that the erotic aspect will stay. As I mentioned in my bio, I love to read ménages, too, so I might play with doing a ménage at some point.

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