Michelle Graham

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 Michelle Graham has dreamed of being a writer since she was very young. Her stories almost always had a happy ending, and once she reached a certain age, they almost always had romance. Michelle loves to recreate that wonderful feeling of falling head over heels in love. The relationships she writes about are definitely not conventional, but the love is always the same.

 Michelle has been in love with her wonderful husband for seventeen years, and they have two children, and a variety of animals. She lives in southern Ontario, Canada.

 Q: Why did you become a writer?

A: Writing has always been a passion of mine, but one that ended up taking a backseat to my career plans, marriage, and my kids. I’ve tried getting into it more over the years, but I had trouble actually finishing anything substantial. I am also an avid reader and when I discovered erotic romance, I found a genre that seemed to resonate with me. Maybe because I’m obsessed with sex! Whatever the reason, I suddenly found ideas coming out of nowhere, demanding to be written down. It was a bumpy road, but I am thrilled to finally be realizing my dream of being published.

Q: How do you come up with inspiration for your books?

A: Many of my ideas come from real life experiences, with a “what if” twist. I try to keep my situations and characters true to life. Eventually, I’d like to get into more paranormal or fantasy type stories, but for now, contemporary suits me just fine.

Q: When do you write?

A: I have a husband, two children, and a day job. Unfortunately, it doesn’t leave much time for writing! I will often take a notebook with me if I know I’m going to be waiting around somewhere for a while (e.g. during piano lessons, or swimming) so I can make more productive use of my time. I don’t usually get to sit down at the computer until after the kids are in bed. It limits writing time to a couple of hours in the evenings.

Q: What books do you like to read?

A: I love romance, especially the erotic kind! But I also love mystery, fantasy, or paranormal stories although the ones I choose usually have some romantic threads. My three favorite authors are Kelley Armstrong, Kim Harrison, and Laurell K. Hamilton. My dream is to be able to write as well as they do.

Q: Why erotic romance?

A: I know I said it before, but I love romance. As a reader, I like to feel the emotions of the characters as they experience those first feelings of love and lust. Sex is part of being in love and it’s an important part of any love story. In my books, I prefer to leave the bedroom doors wide open!

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