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Natalie Rosewood resides in the suburbs of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with her husband and their two children. She has a great job as an administrator that offers her the flexibility she needs to care for her family and write. Attending a Phillies baseball game or watching it on television is a fun activity that she and her family share. Her days are busy, however, at night and sometimes into the early hours of the morning when the house is quiet; her fantasies unfold into the stories that bring her as much pleasure as the characters she breathes life into.

Q: Why did you decide to write erotic romance?

A: I believe, like most writers, I’ve always loved to read and for me romance novels were the genre that captured my heart. The more I read, the more I wanted to write about romantic love. To me, an erotic romance is first and foremost a love story. As an author, writing this type of story gives me the freedom to express the adult pleasures my characters experience in the most explicit and sensual terms possible. Even when my characters aren’t fully aware of the love, it’s there just beneath the surface guiding their actions.

Q: How do you begin the writing process?

A: My basic idea for a story comes to me from any number of places but for the most part it begins with an imaginative “what if” and from there I start typing my first chapter. I don’t plot out my story like many authors. Instead, the story flows through my fingertips taking me with it on a journey of discovery. It’s a fun way to write because I experience the same emotions of uncertainty that my characters experience on their erotic adventure to find the love they seek. I do, however, halt the process to do research when a scene calls for expertise in an area that I’m anxious to learn more about.

Q: Have you had any formal training in writing?

A: I have taken a few writing courses at a local college that were taught by published authors. I found the classes very helpful because the professors as well as the students critiqued a couple of my stories. They were brutally honest and for that I thank them. One of the books we were told to purchase was John Gardner’s The Art of Fiction, Notes on Craft for Young Writers. I don’t think it should be titled “for Young Writers” but “for All Writers.” It’s a wonderful tool for anyone who wants to hone their writing skills.

Q: Do you find it difficult to edit your own writing?

A: Yes! However, it is part of the process of writing and an extremely important one especially because of the way I write. I begin editing long before my story’s finished. I could be on page five or fifty-five, but when the edit bug hits me, I just can’t move ahead until I have read and edited what I’ve written. When I have completed my story, I put it away for a while and then go back to it and read it a few more times, making edits as I go. The last edit is to read it out loud to see if my words and sentences flow evenly into the other without breaking the dream.

Q: Tell me a few things about yourself that you would like your readers to know?

A: I love chocolate in most any form. I especially love chocolate chip cookies warm from the oven that melt in my mouth. I enjoy traveling when time permits, and I have always been partial to vacations near the ocean. I love old movies, my favorite being The Enchanted Cottage starring Robert Young and Dorothy McGuire. I’m never more in tune with myself than when my loved ones are safe and sound in their beds, and I’m pounding away at my computer writing an erotic romance!

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