Nattie Jones

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I write romantic spanking fiction under the names Nattie Jones, Storynattie, and--when I'm feeling particularly naughty--Kit Sparks. I have a bunch of novellas and short stories published with one, clear theme: spanking. I love spanking any way you cut it: hard for discipline, soft for love, and in between for fun! What touches me the most, however, is the intimate dance of the lifestyle: the gentle love and trust and intimacy between a man and his spanked one. The vulnerability of a spanked woman is just about the most beautiful thing I can think of, with the look in *his* eyes the most erotic. I'm currently in a D/s relationship with an alpha (drool!) cowboy I met in the chat room of the Discipline & Desire Yahoo Groups forum. After a very long long-distance relationship (2,368 miles), we are finally together! I'm not only becoming a morning person, but am finally kicking the habit of procrastination with the help of his hand and his 'arsenal.' *gulp* And having a whole lot of fun, besides! I absolutely adore, love, treasure and cherish hearing from readers. Thanks, and I hope you enjoy reading my stories!

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