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     Hi! I am Nikki Sinclaire, an avid romance reader and author of Science Fiction Romance. To me, there is something so powerful about captivating the mind, engaging the emotions and stimulating the imagination, all through the written word. My goal is to create worlds and characters, through my writing, so absorbing, that they will entrance the mind's eye and enchant the reader's heart. This is my passion; this is what I strive to share with all my readers. The love and passion of my main characters is wrapped in action, conspiracy and intrigue, all flavored with a healthy dose of humor, and steamy, super-nova sex.
     Just a year ago I was leading a quiet existence, minding my own business, when these characters started escaping out of my brain demanding that I write their stories. I tried to explain to them that I am an Information Technology professional and that math, not language arts ruled my life, but they would not listen, stubborn little suckers that they were! My heroes and heroines (featured in my five novel "Virtual" series) were very persuasive, and with my family's encouragement, I began writing their stories. I was flabbergasted! Facing danger and destruction while navigating the rough waters of relationships, my characters exist with a zeal and passion for living which sparked a renewed enthusiasm and ardor in my own life! My heroes and heroines are all sassy, have attitudes, and are temperamental, flawed, or wounded. Each has a distinct personality, often highlighted by humor in the most "way out there" kinds of ways. Let's face it; they are outright ornery and eccentric, in other words, REAL PEOPLE!
     On the personal side, I have been married for 23 years to my best friend in the whole wide world. We consider our life our very own "romance novel" and the inspiration for everything I write. We are the proud parents of two lean, mean, sex-life-obliteration machines err I mean two wonderful boys ages 18 and 10. Yes, testosterone does overflow in our household! We make our home in "the good state of Georgia," where I am privileged to work as Research Faculty at a major university where I actually get paid to play with a wide variety of high tech toys. It's almost as much fun as writing. Almost
     Enjoy! I do love to hear from my readers, so please contact me.


Q: What made you decide to write?

A: LOL. I had people inside me wanting to have a say. Either I was crazy or I had to start writing. These characters wanted to exist and demanded that I tell their story. Fortunately, the Love of my life and my boys are very supportive and allow me the focused time that I need in order to be able to write.

Q: Why write Sci-Fi romance as opposed to other genres?

A: I grew up watching Star Trek and Lost in Space on TV. I also believe there may be life on other planets and that Science Fiction is not just make-believe, but perhaps a glimpse into the future. Watch an episode from the original Star Trek series and look around your house or place of employment. You may find that both places have e-books, jump drives, CD's and tablet computers in common. None of that existed back when the show was filmed. If you look at the rate that technology has advanced in just the last thirty years alone and apply that to the next 500 years, there is no reason why we shouldn't be colonizing other planets by then.
     The one constant between now and then, however, is the human element. Love, romance, emotions. Customs and morals may change but the desire to love and be loved will always be with us regardless of our technological advances.

Q: Where do you get ideas for your plots?

A: Goodness gracious. All I have to do is look around. The idea for the Virtual Man originated from a stunt my husband pulled while in college before I met him. He pretended to be gay so that a certain young lady would not feel guilty changing clothes in front of him. The plot for my upcoming Virtual Dream Lover literally popped out of a picture I saw of a young couple very much in love.

Q: How do you come about the humor in your books?

A: Our family is laden with humor so it's always all around me. I find humor in most all situations. I have a dry witty side to me that is constantly observing people's behavior and finding why we do what we do hilarious. Also, if you truly listen and actually understand the things that people say, I think you may find that humans are both mastery of the understatement as well as the obvious.
     I also secretly believe I'm married to Bozo the Clown!

Q: How do you go about crafting your characters?

A: As with plots, I craft my characters in a variety of ways. Sometimes, as was the case with Rita Andrews, Tiana's best friend, they are inspired by real people. Rita was inspired by a woman I met at the pool of a campground in Alabama, in her late fifties, every bit the Southern woman and with a body and face that most 18 year olds would kill for. Space Marshall Troy Delaney, on the other hand, probably has a little bit of every cop in every cop show I've ever watched. Then you have our sexy hero, Derek Hart, who is uniquely himself.

Q: When crafting a love making scene do you pull from your personal life?

A: LOL. Why does that question keep coming up? Sometimes yes, sometimes no. As with the crafting of my characters, ideas for the crafting of my love scenes come from a variety of places.

Q: What is your biggest impediment to writing?

A: The many demands on my time. My regular job is highly demanding and does not know the boundaries of a 9 to 5 schedule. Having a family also demands your time. It's a tough balancing act.

Q: How do you go about writing a book?

A: I have to admit, I am not much of a planner. I start out with a concept, a basic story line and some reasonable assumptions about the characters' personalities and looks and sit down to write. The characters work out the story themselves as I go along.

Q: What do you think makes a good hero?

A: A hero has to be a man of strong character. He should by no means be perfect, as that would make for a very boring book, but underneath the chinks in his armor he must have a heart of gold. His presence should also be powerful and confident. An Alpha male. Oh, and being 6'3" with bulging biceps and the face of Adonis wouldn't hurt either.

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