Paige Cameron

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Born in Florida, Paige Cameron's early dreams included being a movie star. Of course, it didn't happen. Later, she escaped into daydreams full of fascinating stories. Her friends had to endure her reading these tales to them when she began to put them to paper.

There were detours in her life for marriage, children, traveling to foreign countries where her husband's job took her. She continued to be an avid reader and dream of the day she'd have a book published. She finally got started writing and divorce side-tracked her.

Now, happily married to her hero, with older children, she decided to pursue her dream career, writing.

Q: What is your writing day like?

A: I write best early in the morning. Later in the day I do editing, email and research.


Q: Why write historical books? Aren't contemporary stories easier with less research?

A: As much as I love it, writing is hard work. You do a certain amount of research for any project. I've always loved regency stories and read many over the years, but I may still write something contemporary in the future.


Q: What are your favorite things?

A: Reading a good book on a rainy afternoon. Movies, especially romantic ones. Foods: Love chocolate ( what writer doesn't ), could live on tuna sandwiches or yellow squash and bread and butter. Love movie popcorn, ice cream and cookies. All time favorite book: Gone With The Wind. Rhett Butler was one of my all time favorite heroes. Recent favorite hero, is Roarke, from the J. D. Robb series.


Q: Most difficult part of writing?

A: Trying to decide where or when to put those annoying commas. Who invented those things anyway?


Q: Next project?

A: Finishing a story about seduction. Lots of fun writing about two characters who can't stop making wagers. Wagering is definitely not what a proper young lady would do, or would she?






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