Paul McDermott

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Born in the Year of the Tiger, it seemed inevitable that Paul McDermott would form an attachment to all things feline and have the same urge to roam. His wanderlust (and a teacher training course) drew him to Liverpool, and a few years down the line, his urges pushed him further still to Denmark.

Perhaps it was the catalyst of breathing the same air as Hans Christian Andersen? While living there, he allowed himself to be persuaded to write for a purpose instead of purely for his own amusement.

Now, twenty years later, the story he began at that time has been rewritten and revised a hundred times and hes still not satisfied with it! Fortunately, hes had several other irons in the fire over the years.

Recently he had his first taste of success: a short play was selected for performance at the 2006 Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Hes hoping to persuade Mr. Moneybags to back one or more of several dramatic pieces hes penned with Liverpools Capital of Culture 2008 in mind.

His ultimate ambition? Like the One Hit Wonder Thunderclap Newman, Paul aims to earn enough to retire from the rat race. Then he can buy the plot of land the Lough Key, County Roscommon (Castle Island) and rebuild the castle, which used to belong to his ancestors.

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