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Personal War

CCB Publishing

Heat Rating: SENSUAL
Word Count: 50,000
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William Defreno is down on his luck and himself. Maybe it’s that he lives in a town seemingly owned by a rich man, Randy Casner, who has the police in his pocket, infinite resources, and doesn’t care who he destroys in order to get his own way.

The dreadful Personal War starts when Randy runs William down with his Hummer, breaking the young track star’s leg in a rage of general lunacy and resentment for William’s track talent. William tries to pursue Mr. Casner legally, and discovers the full extent of this man’s power. Everything starts to down-spiral from there.

The local police begin to systematically harass him - trying to get him fired from his job, arrest him for any and every reason possible and ruin any chance of William having a relationship of any kind. The more William tries to fight back, the worse the warfare gets.

By the time William wants to quit the Personal War, it’s too late. He is forced to engage in battle against Mr. Casner who is clearly superior to him in every way. With a little help from his friends, William, ‘the underdog’ must find the willpower and strength within to save himself.

“Yes, people love an underdog, but they always bet against him...” William Defreno

About the Author:

Dave Aquino is the author of several novels, including Personal War, Personal War 2, Counselor and The Slot Machine. He is working on his next novel.

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