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Peyton lives in Michigan where she dreams of summers that aren't so humid. She and her husband have been married for over a decade years and he often lends a helping hand or opinion or two when she's writing a steamy scene.

She loves to travel and hopes to make it to a romance writers convention sometime soon to meet her idols in the genre without getting too much "stalkage" in.

When she is not on the net, she is reading about the life of her latest "book boyfriend" or creating one in her own works. If you'd like to to contact her. Drop her an e-mail. She loves hearing from her fans and admirers.

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Email her at: [email protected]

Q: What's your favorite type of hero?

A: To write? Flawed. Strong. Vulnerable. Handsome. Tall. Smart. And really screwed up. He may not always be 'fixed' at the end of the book but you can be sure, the heroine will love him no matter what! And most important of all, he must be extremely passionate even when he's holding back. If he is withdrawing or holding back, it's because the feelings behind that emotional wall are so strong, he's afraid they may overwhelm him if he allows them to come through. I love writing those type of guys. They are so much fun to torture. (Insert Evil Laugh Here.)

Q: What's your favorite type of heroine? Or Beta male hero?

A: One who is balancedsensitive yet strong. Vulnerable and seeking to understand herself and the world around her. Her strength can be an inner or a physical one or even a combination of the two. But definitely her life history has to be vital in making her the person she is today. Same goes for my beta male heroes.

Q: When do you find that you are at your creative best?

A: There are times when I become inspired and a scene or a chunk of dialogue suddenly develops in my mind. And if I'm near my keyboard at that timethe whole thing will just pour out. When that's not the case, as it is most of the time-- I use music, tv, movies or other things to get me in the mood and keep me there. One thing is for sure, I am not a plotter. I am a pantster who makes notes regarding the lives of her characters and the towns they live in. Occasionally doing factual research if needed.

Q: Do you have a particular style of writing?

A: Third person intimate POV. I really love getting inside the hearts and minds of the characters so their stories will no longer feel like a book but like a life experience for my readers. My ultimate goal is for my readers to identify with the heroines and fall in love with the hero(es).

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