Philip L. Moore

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      Philip L. Moore lives in the quiet market town of Shaftesbury in Dorset, UK. He has been writing for three years now and has written twelve books, four of which have been published. Philip was born in Basingstoke Hampshire in 1961. After leaving school, he ran his own business for a while working in the aviation industry, which is why aviation plays a big part in his writing.
     Philip is currently working on three more books. He always welcomes feedback from his readers on his work, so don't be shy to contact him.


Q: What made you start writing?

A: The challenge of people telling me I was too stupid to write.

Q: How do you plan a book?

A: It's just there, the whole story from beginning to end. Some days I can write all day and night.

Q: Do you have family?

A: Yes, I have two great grown boys I am very proud of and a sister I am very close to. I also have a mentally handicapped brother and another sister. And, yes, I am single!

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