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Phyllis Campbell 

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Phyllis Campbell is a best-selling, award-winning, and multi-published author. Most of her reviewers have given her the title of "Queen Of Sexual Tension." She's been writing for a good fifteen years, and in many genres. Her favorite genre is historical, but from time to time she'll write a romantic suspense, romantic comedy, or a paranormal. Married with kids (and three grandchildren), Phyllis has lived in Utah all of her life and enjoys family activities when she's not writing her next sensual story.



Q: What made you decide to write romance?

A: I love everything romantic. I love larger-than-life heroes -- the kind that make your toes curl!

Q: Why do you like to write historicals?

A: Reading about a different era in time puts me in another world. I adore the 1800's in America and England. The gowns are beautiful, and the form-fitting trousers and loose shirts on the men Dreamy!

Q: What made you decide to write sexy stories?

A: I can't help it! My characters are animals, I tell ya! I love sexual tension! I love the build up, the emotion, and the tease until the first kiss. (sigh) Then, my stories escalate from there.

Q: What is the first romance book you fell in love with?

A: Kathleen Woodiwiss / A Rose In Winter. I loved the twist in the story. I loved the beast! I loved everything! It kept me up for hours.

Q: What kind of heroes do you like to write about?

A: Sexy ones, of course! Alphas are my favorite.

Q: What part of writing do you like the most?

A: Besides writing the almost sex scenes, I love to research. I love to describe and try to get the reader to feel like they're there. Pick up one of my stories and see

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