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I first became interested in the paranormal at age four, when my dad let me watch Salem's Lot. For several years after, my mission in life was to catch a vampire and keep it as a pet. My older sister, who had the joy of sharing a room with me, did not enjoy me trying to use her for bait, though.

Now, thirty years later, I write fantasy romance. My taste, however has gone from keeping vampires in bird cages to elves, shape shifters and the tales of ancient Britain, Wales, Ireland and Scotland. If you have ever read the Mabinogian or the Book of the Kells, you will recognize many of my characters.

Q. When did you first become interested in writing?

I made the jump from being forced to write for school and writing for the joy of writing about 10th grade. My English teacher would post writing assignments that she liked on the pin-up board outside her classroom, and I realized that most of my work ended up out there.

Q. What made you want to write romance in specific?

I ended up writing romance by accident, actually. A friend read a piece I'd cut out of a larger story arc because it didn't fit. She said if I expanded it just a bit, it would make a great romance story. I did as she suggested and liked it enough to try submitting it for publishing. That was the first manuscript I'd ever tried to get published, "The Hawk's Bride."

Q. Are you published in any other genres or under any other names/pen names?

Not at this time, no.

Q. Do you plan to continue the series? If so, when do you expect the next story to be released?

I do plan to continue the series. Check my website for up-dates on releases.

Q. Which character from your work is your favorite?

Picking favorites is always hard. But I do have a bit of a fondness for Eddie, the hapless human who got sucking into the world of the black elf lords. He may end up getting his own book, even though he isn't a "wild lord."

Q. What scene did you most enjoy writing? Which book was it in?

My favorite scene is in "The Hawk's Bride" in chapter five. Lady Donnella had just burst into Luc and Cait's bedroom. I still giggle reading Cait's comment about Donnella needing "to address her dress."

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