Robynn Clairday

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Robynn Clairday has had ten books published and two screenplays optioned. She's written horror and romance for a variety of small presses and magazines. She is working on a new novel and screenplay. She lives in Nevada with her husband, Matt, and her cat, Mint.

Q: What advice would you give to an aspiring writer?

My advice would be the following: learn to write like a reader. What I mean is write material that you yourself would enjoy reading; write something that you would be willing to buy. If you wouldn't shell out $15 for your book, than why would anyone else?

Also, keep writing and keep submitting. Learn your craft, but also learn the business of publishing. Find someone or a group to encourage you and to keep you motivated.

Q: Where do you find your ideas?

Everywhere. From people around me, from books, from music, from dreams. From life.

Q: What is the hardest thing about being a writer?

Staying motivated. Staying focused. Not giving up. Writing!

Q: Who inspired you to write?

Many people. A great professor in college, Professor Scherer. My husband Matt. Stephen King. My old writer's group. Other authors.

Q: Do you have to write every day?

Some people do. Some don't. I am more erratic. I write for long, intense periods, but I can go for weeks without writing a word. I may not be the best role model.

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