Sage writes erotic contemporary romance and romantic suspense. And she does love her cowboys. Love's Redemption was her first erotic book published by Siren.
     She lives at the foot of the Rocky Mountains in northwest Montana with a rowdy black lab and two lazy cats.


Q: What kind of writer are you? Organized, disorganized or a little of both?

A: I'm tried and true fly by the seat of my pants writer, so therefore I couldn't even be remotely called organized. LOL. When a story idea tickles my fancy, I usually just run with it. Sometimes it's a plot, a character, or a title that won't let go. One of my most recently completed manuscripts was a title that latched on to me.
     As far as my desk goes, don't think I should go there. I'm always having to dig through my paperwork in search of some piece of information or reference.

Q: What genre do you write and where do you set your stories?

A: I'm a contemporary girl. I like straight contemporary and romantic suspense. I bounce between the two of them. So far all of my books have been set in Montana where I live. Montana still seems to hold the mystique of the wild west, cowboys, and rugged mountain men.
     Contemporaries are my favorite books to read, so that fact determines what I love to write. I do have an idea for a historical western (hot cowboys). I have a strong feeling I'll give in and write the story one of these days.

Q: Do you like to write to music?

A: I love music. I play my radio really loud while driving. Not so loud that it disturbs other drivers. But no, I never listen to music when I write. I do know many writers need to have their music playing in the background. No, television, no music. I prefer silence. I can concentrate easier.

Q: Do you have a favorite actor or musician you would like to spend the day with? And what would the two of you do?

A: That's a tough question because I have a list of actors I would gladly spend the day with. Okay, there's just something about Richard Gere. The man oozes sex appeal. I wouldn't mind spending the day with Richard on a secluded tropical beach. Wading in the the warm, aqua water and talking for hours. Besides, being sexy, the man is intelligent and very deep. A kiss would be nice, too. Who can forget Pretty Woman?

Q: Do you think ten years from now you will still be writing?

A: I know I will. Creating characters and composing stories is now an integral part of me. Some times I worry after I have finished a book, I won't have another idea, but some how the ideas and characters just keep coming.

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