Nathan Cotton

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Final Choices
0 ratings
Nathan thinks he's being followed, and wonders if the ghosts of his mistakes are coming for him. He doesn't actually believe in ghosts, but if they do exist he could be in trouble. Is it Alexandra, a woman he w MORE...
The Truth About Vampires
Nathan runs into a woman who has strange and unwanted effects on him. To find out who she is, he enlists the help of his good friend, Terra. But when he finally faces the woman, Rebecca Good, he discovers not MORE...
A New Year's Bite
0 ratings
Nathan gets a visit from his friend, Terra, a detective with the Atlanta police, and is worried by her appearance. She tells him she's frustrated that she hasn't caught the Slasher, a serial killer plaguing th MORE...
All Night Long
0 ratings
Nathan wakes one evening to find a strange note in his mailbox. The handwritten invitation is to an exclusive vampire party, and promises all of his appetites will be fulfilled. Concerned that someone knows wha MORE...
Dark Desires
3 ratings
When Nathan meets Amy, she's in tears. Her boyfriend has left to consider their relationship; he's frustrated that she's not more interested in sex. Nathan knows he should leave the young woman alone--relations MORE...
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