Worlds Apart

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Ryan's Hope
3 ratings
Liana Peterson led an ordinary life back on Earth, if you considered being an Empathic Omega with too many brains and no friends ordinary. When Taliff Shi’Lan offered her a new life on Chantrea, her ancestor’s MORE...
Mikel's Wrath
2 ratings
Life has been anything but easy for Maryann Wilson. The only human living among Lionese shifters, her life on Earth, though miserable, had been safe. Now, light-years from home, mated to a Manruvian Merman, an MORE...
Hunter's Revenge
3 ratings
Amy Morgan, an Earth born Lionese woman has spent the last few years as first a prisoner then breeding slave for the Black Rose.  Rescued from the ice planet where she'd been imprisoned, Amy learns that her e MORE...
Taliff's Cure
6 ratings
Eve Roberts is in trouble. All the males in her pride have started to pay attention to her every move, eyeing her as potential mate material. Problem is, she’s seen these men in action and she isn’t too impress MORE...