Virtual Seductions

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His Virtual Gift
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February 14, 3000: The destruction of the universe is at hand, unless their burning passion can grow into trust…and love. Traveling through space to a secret rendezvous point, Venusian Princess Jynx can’t help MORE...
Her Virtual Frenzy
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At the age of thirteen, Sednan Princess Irisa’s long blonde hair fell out, but then grew back midnight black. At seventeen, her body erupted in beautiful rainbow-colored markings that show no signs of ever fadi MORE...
Her Virtual Ecstasy
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Trent Ryder is a man cursed by his own charm. All he’s ever had to do to get a woman is smile. His assignment to obtain recipes from the Venusian Guild couldn’t have come at a worse time—just when Trent’s decid MORE...
His Virtual Diva
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Aloof composerconductor Lamont Johansson, aka LJ, knows he’s grasping at straws trying to introduce opera to the Andromeda System. He’s certainly taking enormous financial risks. When the brilliant, erratic div MORE...
Her Virtual Consort
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A Marsian queen ripe for seduction. A banished Sednan prince desperate to find a home world. A battle of the sexes instigated by the gods. Marsian queen Paris needs an heir, but she’s running out of options MORE...
His Virtual Bride
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Can a wanted man and an amnesiac find happiness? Flight Commander Geoff is a wanted man on Earth. Somebody has stolen his spaceship and made it look like he’s the culprit. The Honey contains every constructi MORE...