Immortal Council

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Green Embrace
0 ratings
Ever is a half-witch, half-Animal Elf who was raised in the human world. As if that didn’t give her enough issues, she is part of a prophecy that has everyone after her and her convinced she is destined to be a MORE...
Skin and Moon
0 ratings
She runs and manages to hide, but can’t forget his brief touches and insane claims of being her mate. Fucking him out of her head is the best plan she can come up with. If only his scent wouldn’t haunt her, she MORE...
Mating Call
4 ratings
His voice calls to her in a place where she cannot deny it. It excites her so she doesn't want to deny it. She will deny it all to save her principles. He wants her, his wolf won't leave her. He will give her w MORE...
Keeping Blood
8 ratings
Born into a world of immortal creatures, Alexia is a one of a kind hybrid between her vampire mother and werewolf father. Shunned by both species, she is alone in her world, wishing only to be human and for onc MORE...
Blood Visions
2 ratings
Zyra is dating a vampire who is completely obsessed with her, but now that the newness has worn off, she realizes it’s nothing more than great sex. She wants more. She wants the true love she knows will last he MORE...