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Something Sexy (MM)
Having hit the milestone of 40 years old, Mark Antonious Richfield seems to have survived. But on a trip to London to join his mother, Leslie and step-father Harry for the wedding of Harry's son, Luke, Mark dec MORE...
Being Screwed (MM)
In Book 7 of the Action! Series the tale comes full circle, back to the first novel, Acting Naughty and the dilemma of the lead characters Keith O'Leary and Carl Bronson on whether it is prudent for an up and c MORE...
Lightning in a Bottle
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Fathers & Sons
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Running with Scissors An Action! Series Book 45
In this episode 45 of the Action! Series, we pick up where the last book left us, hanging by an emotional thread. With the cat finally out of the bag for the Nation's Top Model, Mark Antonious Richfield& MORE...
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