Brides of Darkness

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Bound by Night
8 ratings
Fleeing her arranged marriage, Adeline seeks sanctuary in Geistheim Abbey. Within its cursed walls she finds the beautiful, scarred monk, Daghan, who offers her shelter—for a price. Daghan needs a pure soul to MORE...
The Wolf Witch
1 ratings
Gypsy girl Elisa has never fit in with her clan and has always longed for a wilder life. When she finds an injured wolf in the woods, she discovers a magical talent beyond her dreams, a man beyond her fantasies MORE...
Shadow Cursed
1 ratings
Released from Ottevar Asylum after eight hard years, Lady Emmeline returns to Nachtholm Manor to reclaim her birthright. But she has a battle on her hands—Rainart Eckhard refuses to give up his position as lord MORE...
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