Glass Room Adventures

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Love Wild
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Laurie Deloit's career as a super-whore has brought her a long way. Her lover died and left her in possession of a fantastic yacht and a multi-billion dollar fortune. Sex is available whenever she wants it, whi MORE...
Live Wild
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Laurie, known to the night world as Raven the megastar whore, brings super-rich Charles Anders back from the brink of death, and then discovers his revived energy is a big load for her to handle. Is he giving h MORE...
Roam Wild
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At night, lawyer Laurie Deloit becomes Raven, the star of a brothel with glass-walled bedrooms. Her wildness gives her what she sought after the man she loved broke her heart—sex, money, and a life without secr MORE...
Night Wild
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When her fiancé elopes with her office assistant, Laurie’s answer is to declare war on love. In Night Wild, the opening episode of the Glass Room Adventures, she finds the perfect place to fight her battles. Pe MORE...